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Tracy Andrews
Owner, Nourishing Apparel

As a busy mom-on-the-go of two beautiful babes, I have done my fair share of nursing in public. In the beginning, I tried the whole blanket over my babe song and dance, which usually resulted in milk going everywhere except into my nurslings’ mouth, and the occasional curious onlooker getting a bit of a peep show. I refused to feed my baby lunch sitting on a toilet in a bathroom stall, simply to avoid the dreaded blanket fiasco again. I knew there had to be an easier way, and that becoming a shut-in when my baby was hungry was not an option. I also knew that there was no way I was the only mom out there who was faced with this dilemma. 


In 2012, Nourishing Apparel was founded by Fiona Jewitt Cressman, a busy, nursing mother, who had the idea of how to make the lives of other nursing mommas a whole lot easier.  In 2015, I purchased Nourishing Apparel, and have continued on with Fiona's visions and dreams.  


Nourishing Apparel offers many stylish tops and dresses that are beautiful, comfortable, and at the same time, functional. Feeling good about what I am wearing is important to me, especially as a mom, and I believe that I shouldn't have to compromise fashion and my style just so that I can nurse comfortably.


My goal is to be a destination site for women who are looking for stylish nursing wear, while catering to a variety of tastes.


I hope you find something you love at Nourishing Apparel. Please email me if you have any questions or product requests.



Owner, Nourishing Apparel