Wow!  What a busy month it has been for me!  Not only is Christmas getting closer and closer (and I am still nowhere near being ready, eek!) but I bought this fabulous business!  I am so thrilled to announce that I am the new owner and operator of Nourishing Apparel!  It has been a definite learning curve for me thus far, but day by day (or shall I say night by night), I am feeling more confident that this was the right decision for me to make.  

For those of you who do not know me, I am a wife to an amazing husband, and mother to two beautiful little girls, ages 3 and 10 months.  We live in a tiny town in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, and are truly blessed to be surrounded by so many of our close friends and family.  

When I bought Nourishing Apparel from Fiona, it was a jumping in headfirst sort of deal for me.  I never thought in a lifetime that the words "business owner" and "Tracy Andrews" would ever be spoken in the same sentence, yet here we are.  I have so many dreams for Nourishing Apparel, including expanding the inventory to include swimwear and activewear for the nursing momma.  Two pieces of clothing (swimsuit and a sports bra) which are next to impossible to comfortably nurse in.  I also have been talking lots with other nursing mothers as to what products they would like to see me carry.  Many have said they would love to see sleepwear, and formalwear. These are two other areas that I am continuing to explore to find the best nursing wear in these sections.  

One of my biggest dreams for Nourishing Apparel, is to also become a site where women can not only shop for clothing that suits their current lifestyle, but to also be a source of information for women who are breastfeeding.  Breastfeeding creates such a special bond between babe and mom, yet there are so many women who struggle with this natural process, making it feel like the farthest thing from being natural.  I want Nourishing Apparel to be a wealth of information for all types of nursing mothers.  A place where you can go at 3:00 AM when you are at your wits end because your little one won't stop demanding to be fed.  Support for all the women (you are not alone) who curl their toes and clench their fists in discomfort each time that little mouth latches on.  I will be providing links to articles, lactation consultants, doctors and nurses who are all there to support and encourage you on this journey.  

Please feel free to drop me an e-mail at to say "Hi" and let me know how I can serve you best! 

Until next time, 

Nurse in style, Canada!


Written by Tracy Andrews — December 03, 2015

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